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FREE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY with a few exceptions on 1 sack or more.
SUBSIDIES - DO YOU QUALIFY? - Just call 07733 147576 and we can get you set up - No questions asked - We trust your integrity!

1) LIFETIME SUBSIDIES (Non-Profit Rates) for ALL dogs belonging to - :

Canine and Human Fosterers & Human Adopters - Owners of Vulnerable Breeds - Disabled People - Retired, Active and in Training SAR/PAT/Service and Assistance Dogs - Disabled dogs or those with long term issues as well as once traumatised dogs - Widowed Dog Owners - Single Over 70s - Carers - Charity Volunteers and Workers - Direct Family Members of Retired, Active and in Training:

2) The following Groups can feed all their dogs for the duration of their need at our Non-Profit Rates: 
Benefit Claimants - Single Parents

(No awkward eligibility checks are undertaken - We trust your integrity)