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Breeder Scheme

This should be the best breeder scheme in the world.

If you get everything above then even fewer will also provide:

We''ve saved the best till last...

You could end up with us paying for all your food requirements for all your dogs for life - within two litters of average size.

  1. Most brands (subject to reasonable conditions) offer breeders special pricing on their adult foods.
    So do we, below profit rates in fact!

  2. Some brands also offer free food to wean puppies on to.
    We do as well - another 12kg sack

  3. Fewer still offer free food for the bitch in whelp.
    We do as well - another 12kg sack

  4. Free puppy food for every new owner.
    We will - a 1kg pack in fact. Plus, if requested, we can design and print customised food labels for your kennel club name, etc.

  5. A 2.50 Reward against our food for EVERY sack your new puppy owner purchases!
    The excess will be paid into your bank account

For more information, call Chris on 07733147576