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The Springers we feature above and around the site are called "Conker" and "Squirrel". They are photographed, most remarkably, on a mobile phone by Jane Carpenter and are used with her permission to support our Concept.
"Just a copper from North Yorks" Jane adds: "These two are my entire world. They absolutely Wolf  down your food. They absolutely love it and furthermore I am confident they are eating the BEST food possible."

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Haute-Cuisine: 78% Meat or Fish


Under Construction ...tritional Quality and Reading Labels: From our inception to this day, close scrutiny of even the most respected dog foods reveals that the constituents (on the reverse) don't reflect the impression given on the front of the packaging. We, like you, find it upsetting to discover we have been duped so we decided to start Gourmet Dog Nutrition which values packaging and marketing integrity and Canine

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