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We are delighted our products arrived and palatability is "Off The Scale". I have two rescue dogs, Jessie and Gizzy. Jessie was a grazer but after her first weeks of Canine Kitchen she still won''t come up for air till she has licked the bowl dry. lol. Gizzy is pretty much a dog that refuses to eat. He has developed a habit of taking the biscuits out of his bowl and spitting them out on the floor.  With a normal dog it wouldn''t occur but Jessie was uninterested. We gave both dogs an instant change of 100% to see if there were any effects and delightedly we can report, there were none!

Well I say none. Actually there was one: Gizzy trumped for England about an hour after his normal meal!   Since being on Canine Kitchen from day 2 the problem has stopped dead! The main issue is when he started his hurricane it was so repulsive the kids would run to go to bed at a reasonable time to avoid the consequences. They are now more reluctant! lol

Their food used to consist of mixed tin and biscuit food and Gizzy would pick out individual mouthfuls of biscuit and spit them over the floor for maybe eating later but usually he would just leave them untouched. This was because he was determined to get to the wet food first.  We chose just to offer him dry kibbles as an experiment (though we could have re hydrated some kibbles to present as wet food).  As usual, he took a big mouthful and spat it out...   lifted his head to see if he was being watched...   licked his chops and literally hoovered up the food from the floor before getting stuck into his new dinner with no more mucking around till his bowl was empty. This has been the case for 2 weeks as at 15.02.2017.