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A Nice Little Job

If you are looking for some extra money that can reward you for your one off efforts for Years, possibly even a Lifetime then please read on: There are NO restrictions on these jobs from any age, gender, disability, race, orientation or any other foreseeable perspective whatsoever.

If your hobby is dogs and you are the type of dog lover that loves their dog enough to read the constituents on a dog food label then we are interested in working with you as a local affiliate. Whilst a territory is involved our affiliates are not franchises as no investment is required at all. Not a single penny if that is your preference but the benefits roll in for years regardless. Subject to some principles, Once a customer is introduced by you, Every time they buy from us or you you get to split our profit with us 50/50.

There is no limit on earnings as well as no targets. You can cancel at any point and your payments just keep rolling in. Full training is given and 1:1 support for you and your customer. You choose if the customer gets a lifetime and or introductory discount and whatever is left we share with you. If its family and friends and you don''t want any money for yourselves we are still delighted to get our name out there.

We are faced with 2 choices... To use our gross profit margin to spend on advertising and traditional marketing or to use word of mouth and spend it on people who care and will always be more powerful advocates for us.

In the end it comes down to this. We view ourselves as trend-setters rather than followers. How do you see yourself? If the former, please call Chris on  07733147576