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Our complete Biscuit/Food/Kibble is made from cooked ingredients at temperatures you use to cook with at home and finely minced to a granular consistency. The moisture removed. They can then be formed into shapes and vacuum infused with a mixture of Oils / Fats, Essential Fatty Acids and Nutrients to bring the levels concerned to the optimum Recommended Daily Amounts  (R.D.A.)   

Please note: You can always re-hydrate our food to return it to a Soup/Wet/Tinned consistency.

Composition: Trout With Salmon 50%
(34% Freshly Prepared Trout With Salmon, 11% Dried Salmon, 3% Salmon Oil) - 2% Salmon Stock, 24% Sweet Potato, 6% Peas, White Potato, Beet Pulp (After sugar removed), Pea Protein, Linseed, Potato Protein, Vitamins & Minerals, Vegetable Stock, 0.3% Asparagus, FOS 96mg/kg, MOS 24mg/kg

Ingredients Costs and Justification: Freshly prepared "Named Fish & Meats" are the best protein sources for dogs. Whilst this is really expensive for us to include we believe, above all, putting Canine well-being first. The reason we maximise the amount of "Fresher" rather than just "Dried" Protein Sources (i.e. any named meat/fish "meal") is because the less any protein has been cooked the more bio-available it is and easier to digest / metabolise.  
Legally we only have to put 26% to call our food "Chicken" or any other item mentioned in the Title however we choose to always use as much as we can. Beware foods that offer you "With Chicken" (4%) or even  "Rich in Chicken" (14%) or equivalent wording. Have a look at how much Chicken these foods really contain and how practically no major company ever gives more then legally compliant minimums.  Sweet Potato 19% is 14% more expensive to include than Rice and even greater in terms of cost differentiation than other grains, The carbs from these foods are complex. Unlike simple carbs, which are digested quickly, complex carbs are digested slowly and do not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar. This slow digestion gives you steadier energy levels. Lastly we have elected to include Methylsulfonylmethane 170mg/kg. Though the name is a little scary research has forced us to include it for joint health in Puppies and for the benefit to your dog of possibly many other issues.  

Essentially, we believe that exposing a puppy to multiple types of proteins early on in life can help their well-being and possible food issues later on in life.  This is the next generation and latest, most up to date recipe we can manufacture with optimum pricing. 

Feeding Guide: ( Every individual dog has a different metabolism and day on day receives differing amounts of exercise. It is dreadful to see dogs that are obese knowing how it shortens their longevity and quality of life.
By all means use our guide as a great starting point but eventually please ignore it. Don't be tempted to give your dog what it wants or what you think it wants but stick to what it needs. The best way to judge this is to keep a close eye on its body shape. Your dog should, when standing up straight, have a  clearly visible yet slightly defined waist  Always adjust food quantities to maintain this if you want your dog the thrive for the rest of its life from a nutritional perspective. Dogs cant read scales so need you to show you care by making sure they are fed the optimum amount of food. If possible use our kibbles as treats/training treats for your dog using their daily allowance. 

Dog Weight KGS      Grams per Day
 1 - 5                          30 - 95
 5 - 10                        95 - 155
10 - 20                        155 - 270
20 - 30                        270 - 360
30 - 40                        360 - 450
40+                            450+ 11gs / kg

Please ensure a supply of FRESH water is available at all times for your dog.

Any questions, Just call us!

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