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Home - "Charity and Well-being Before Profit" - What do we mean?

1) For an average donation level of around £500 Small Canine Welfare Organisations manage to: Rescue, Foster, Medically Treat, Home Check and Re-Home an unwanted dog
2) It Costs Major Canine Charities OVER TEN TIMES that figure of £500 for the equivalent provision for just ONE dog.
3) It is indisputable that donations to these Charity Giants, regardless of the value for money they represent, MASSIVELY outweigh donations to the smaller rescues, good causes and canine charities. For 12 months In 2015/16:

- Dogs Trust income was: £94 MILLION - Whilst Sitting on £157 Million of historic donations on their Balance Sheet
- Blue Cross income was £34 MILLION - Whilst Sitting on £60 Million of historic donations on their Balance Sheet
- RSPCA income was: £125 MILLION - ​​Whilst Sitting on £185 Million of historic donations on their Balance Sheet
- Battersea Dogs Home income was £41 MILLION – With £81 Million of historic donations sitting on their Balance Sheet

JUST 4 ORGANISATIONS RECEIVE: £1/4 BILLION INCOME EACH YEAR whilst they EFFECTIVELY hold a further £1/2 BILLION IN THEIR COFFERS.” ​​​Can this be fair, whilst more efficient smaller rescues, good causes and Charities must scrape by with pennies?

4) We have chosen to direct our brand and business to try and re-balance the status quo by donating ALL our profit from orders arising from any customer who wishes us to do so, to a Smaller Good Cause of their choice. After a quick validation process, we make donations of between £10 to £12.50 / sack on the customers direction for LIFE. For our part, ALL legislative compliance requirements will be met, before we accept donation directions from customers. We will also publish our accounts with transparency in terms of donation auditing.
5) If all the 9 Million Dogs in the UK moved onto our food between £250 MILLION and £500 MILLION EVERY YEAR would go to these good causes. It could be argued, the effects of this, as felt by the beneficiaries, if implemented by the Giants would equate to their donation levels rising up to TEN TIMES to £2.5 BILLION -  £5 BILLION Annually

Therefore, we are focusing exclusively on benefiting the more efficient organisations (Canine or other). They don't waste your money on FAT CAT Bosses and their best friends such as LAW Professionals and Consultants who they use (It’s surely the police's role) to prosecute people rather than educate them. None of Our / Your money will go on: TV, Press, Shop Rents, Charity Muggers Commissions etc. - Almost every Penny will go to the  direct benefit of the people/dogs for whom it was donated with only moderate levels going to "essential" admin, managerial staff, and facilities required for practicalities and good oversight.


...... It starts with YOU, taking just one step in a new direction. Plus: You can be re-assured of feeding your dog a COMPLETE Wet/Dry food, designed to be better for Canine well-being than even the best and most expensive brands with which you are familiar.

Nutritional Quality
From our inception to this day, close scrutiny of even the most respected dog foods reveals that the constituents (on the reverse) don't reflect the impression given on the front of the packaging. We, like you, find it upsetting to discover we have been duped so we decided to start Gourmet Dog Nutrition which values packaging and marketing integrity and Canine Well-Being recipes as a matter of priority.

Whilst you are probably happy with your existing food, things move on and our latest recipes are designed to be even better for your dogs, Believe it or not its probably also to the benefit of your wallet. Our recipes and prices are the consequence of scrutinising EVERY one of the 140 U.K. dog food brands and their average of 12 options. Just click a product below to see and judge the quality for yourself.  The choice is yours!

 COST: £1.17 per day at FULL RRP
   for a 25kg Dog - Delivered to your door - Non-Profit rates  also available

21% CHICKEN MEAL (Dried Chicken)
3% Chicken Digest - 26% Sweet Potato
8% Peas - 5% White Potato - 2% Beet Pulp
2% Linseed - 1% Omega 3 Supplement
  - 0.3% 
Vitamins & Minerals - 1% Mixed herbs
  MOS and FOS (Pro-biotics)

  Did you know that a dog actually has to obtain 37
  different essential nutrients through food alone?

  - Designed for those that want to be confident of
  giving scientifically defined optimised amounts of
  the nutrients missing from Raw Meat and Tripe
  in the most bio-available form. 
 - With Chia seeds to deliver the missing levels of
  Omega 3 and Fibre for digestion tract well-being.
  A tasty complementary food powder to add to any
  meal using the enclosed scoop.

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WE VALUE:  Integrity - Honesty - Openness - Dog Lovers & Families that cherish dogs like they are  "PART OF THE FAMILY"

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