Compare Brands

Our opinion is that the Dog Food Industry packaging regulations are woefully inadequate and as a result many Dog Lovers require information using comparisons with other products which they can verify. For this reason, we have selected just 3 great brands to compare ourselves with below. Our style is a reflection of AldIi who have had huge success with “informative brand/product comparison” strategies as per their TV Adverts

1. Your dog could eat:

OR (Turkey and Chicken cost the same, and far more than pea starch powder)

2. Your dog could eat:


3. Your dog could eat:


Based on FULL RRP comparisons - Source: James Welbeloved and Lilly’s Kitchen Websites – All 3 products share protein levels within Fediaf recommended parameters - According to Breeders Canine Kitchen offers “The Best Scheme Ever” and ONLY Canine Kitchen has such a great CSR Policy

Please feel welcome to request a free comparison of the top 40 brands and Canine Kitchen. Or request a custom report for your current food. We are really looking forward to the possibility of exploring the truth about dog foods with you.