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The Co-Founders of Gourmet Dog Nutrition Ltd. ( Canine Kitchen ) have been looking at various ways we can do more for local / smaller Charities and Rescues and benefit the well-being of dogs at the same time from a nutritional perspective. The big charity businesses produce their own dog food for sale being able to afford the industry minimums.and especially to benefit dogs whilst growing our business.

We have come up with an idea and opportunity for you to potentially have a continued and on-going donation stream through our food &/or alternatively to offer your adopters (for all the dogs in their households) non-Profit rates for LIFE 

The complete dry dog food that we manufacture and sell, comes in 12kg sacks. It is one of the best quality products available being Grain Free and offering 55% Chicken, twice the usual minimum with optimum Protein ratios. Because we have next to no overheads, we still manage to keep our RRP at £47.99.

We think, as buying Dog Food is a compulsory, it would be nice if some of that was to benefit Charities and Rescues.


Every sack ordered (via introduction from yourselves) will present you/the donor with an opportunity to benefit as follows:

  1. They could get our food at non profit rates saving them £10 on a single sack order and £25 on a 2 sack order


  1. You could receive £10 on a single sack order and £25 on a 2 sack order


  1. They could choose any ratio/mix of the above you or they would like and as many options as you require


The concept works using voucher codes with muliple usage permissions customised for your charity. We and you don’t even mind if the codes are stolen or used as you benefit regardless. No housekeeping is required.


The income potential for your Rescue or Charity can be impressive which is why the big charities and businesses sell dog food. If just 1 person with just 1 dog buys a sack every month year after year and the available profit was split between you and the donor (Lifetime Discount) 50/50 you will receive £60 / £75 a year and over 10 years £600 to £750. Imagine how this could mount up with just 10 dogs or even 100! It feels less painful to a donor than a standing order. It isnt listed separately each month on their bank statement. They make a saving anyway so they tend to be grateful for your help and guidance. As a result they are and more than willing to help you with the donation to your cause in this way. Once again this is why the big charity businesses offer their food to everyone.

We will happily send you a more detailed version of the above with supporting food quality information as a proposal document in the hope you are interested.


You don’t have to lay out a single penny, hold any stock or take any risk at all. No admin that could tie you up in knots, we do the lot for you: Admin and 48hr Delivery Free on working days is included in the figures above

Kind regards

Mr Chris Whiteley

07733147576 (Confidential)